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Mobile App for Premium Healthcare Doctors Effortless Care Delivery: This mobile app streamlines premium healthcare for doctors. See patient locations in real-time for efficient virtual visits. Access detailed medical records and securely document consultations directly within the app. Simplify communication with patients and streamline care delivery, all from your mobile device. Premium Healthcare Management Dashboard Empowering Insights: Take control of your premium healthcare service with a powerful dashboard. Track doctor activity, pinpoint trends, and optimize scheduling for maximum efficiency. Schedule consultations with ease and ensure seamless patient care. Gain valuable insights through comprehensive patient data and insightful statistics. This centralized platform empowers you to monitor performance, make informed decisions, and elevate your premium healthcare service.
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Konta One is your one-stop accounting app for businesses of all sizes in Mauritius. Manage your books, create and submit e-invoices directly to the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA), and stay organized and compliant – all from a user-friendly app.
project - Laboratoire de Quatre Bornes - nullpod
Laboratoire de Quatre Bornes
We built a custom patient and blood test recording system for a laboratory using Python's Django and Postgres. The app does send an email to patients with the test results as an attachment once they are ready.
project - Aquafarm - nullpod
Aquafarms is an advanced monitoring systems ensure the well-being of fish and ponds by tracking vital parameters in real time. The project's feeding management system precisely monitors food consumption, preventing overfeeding and enhancing overall fish health. Aquafarms also utilizes technology to estimate the total weight of expected fish harvests, aiding in production planning. The stock management module tracks fish food inventory, Offering resource optimization and remote monitoring capabilities, Aquafarms empowers fish farmers with insights for sustainable and efficient aquaculture in a concise and impactful solution.
project - React UI frontend with Tailwind - nullpod
React UI frontend with Tailwind
We built and integrated custom web components using NextJs (React-based) for a major crypto player on the market as a service provider to Fantastic Mind. We delivered the full front experience using the best practices on the market.
project - Wage Mobile App - nullpod
Wage Mobile App
We created a concept Mobile App for a blockchain system that will be used on the African market upon its release. We used React Native with Expo and successfully integrated with a Python backend for the app to perform demo cash transactions on the blockchain.
project - Starpoly - nullpod
Starpoly is a space-theme multiplayer monopoly type game
project - Island of Mo - nullpod
Island of Mo
Island of Mo is a 2D platformer about a group of young people trying to save an island from an evil corporate that pollutes it
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Nullpod CRM
Nullpod's CRM empowers your business to build stronger customer relationships. Imagine a central hub that streamlines interactions, tracks communications, and organizes customer data. Our CRM fosters collaboration, personalizes outreach, and simplifies lead nurturing - all to maximize customer satisfaction and drive growth.